The SA Royal

November 29, 2017 • THE TWINS

Dominican twins Quinn and Fabian Makhanda fight to reclaim their identity and birthrights – they fight for respect. We are HRH Quinn and Fabian Makhanda. African-American twins born into a South African Royal family. There was a huge plot, plan, and conspiracy by certain extraterrestrial beings and outside forces to brainwash us from our true identity… Read More ›


Zulu Oracle Nene

Zulu Oracle Nene is sent here for a global necessity  Sibongile Nene is a Diviner of the Zulu tradition (Sangoma) of Southern Africa. A dreamer since birth, she is guided by ninth dimension ascended ancestors whose work is to free and purify earthbound ancestors unsettled from the pressure and conflict of migration and subjugation worldwide. Sibongile… Read More ›


HRH Quinn and Fabian Makhanda

HRH Fabian Makhanda is sent here for a global necessity Fabian Makhanda is a South African and Dominican Shaman of Royal bloodline. Prophesied at birth as a spiritually gifted person, he’s inherited a special gift of clairvoyance from his Guardian Angel. Fabian is a spirit channeler of the Blue ray who uses clairvoyance and channeling abilities to bring revelations for earth… Read More ›