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HRH Quinn and Fabian Makhanda

HRH Fabian Makhanda Bio: Prayer Technologist, High Priest of The Most High, Spiritual Doctor, and a Spirit Channeler for Ascended Ancestors of the Light.    Fabian Makhanda is a South African and Dominican Shaman of Royal bloodline. Prophesied at birth as a spiritually gifted person, he’s inherited a special gift of clairvoyance from his Guardian Angel. Fabian is … Continue reading

America Didn’t Listen

Bishop Brenda Makhanda in her video embedded below knows that this is the year and time. She said, “The Bible says between the books of Malachi and Matthew there was 400 years of silence where God did not speak to His people. She said, “This is the year and the time for you to hearken to the … Continue reading

Taped Recording

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