HRH Fabian Makhanda

Fabian Makhanda is a Spiritual Doctor, a Medication Aide of the Zulu Tradition and a Specialist in African Spirituality (Sangoma). He articulates spiritual truth through words, writing and media. Fabian is known for his quote, 'Trust and believe you'll remember my name.' Makhanda case in AP covered by AP Global Media Services
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God Has Caused Me To Remember Who I am

Dominican twins Quinn and Fabian Makhanda fight to reclaim their identity and birthrights — they fight for respect. We are Quinn and Fabian Makhanda – twins born into a South African Royal family. There was a huge plot, plan, and conspiracy by dark principalities, evil powers and from rulers of darkness to brainwash us from … Continue reading

HRH Quinn and Fabian Makhanda

HRH Fabian Makhanda Bio: Prayer Technologist, High Priest of The Most High, Spiritual Doctor, and a Spirit Channeler for Ascended Ancestors of the Light.    Fabian Makhanda is a South African and Dominican Shaman of Royal bloodline. Prophesied at birth as a spiritually gifted person, he’s inherited a special gift of clairvoyance from his Guardian Angel. Fabian is … Continue reading

Zulu Oracle of The Most High

Sibongile Nene Bio: Zulu Oracle Nene is sent here for a “Global Necessity”    Sibongile Nene is a Diviner of the Zulu tradition (Sangoma) of Southern Africa. A dreamer since birth, she is guided by ninth dimension ascended ancestors whose work is to free and purify earthbound ancestors unsettled from the pressure and conflict of … Continue reading

Jacob Zuma puts bribes in Christian Church

South African Presidents and ANC government put French bribes in the Christian church.  Sean Combs’s music video “Dirty Money” featuring Rick Ross was inspired by the South African government and their international money laundering scheme using the church. This is about a crime syndicate – a government that used Zoe Ministries and Life of Jesus Ministries for corruption, money laundering, fraud, and racketeering … Continue reading

Jacob Zuma in that black hole

Jacob Zuma says anyone critical of the ANC government is cursed but is it the reverse. Ginyani – President Jacob Zuma showed no respect for the church when he addressed the Evangelical Presbyterian Synod in Ginyani, Limpopo on Sunday in a political maneuver that always backfires. Church service was turned upside down in a dispute over who was cursed. Zuma took over the … Continue reading

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