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Dominican twins Quinn and Fabian Makhanda fight to reclaim their identity and birthrights – they fight for respect.

We are HRH Quinn and Fabian Makhanda. African-American twins born into a South African Royal family. There was a huge plot, plan, and conspiracy by certain extraterrestrial beings and outside forces to brainwash us from our true identity and to subsequently disconnect us from our spiritual and material inheritance. Therefore, Zulu Oracle Sibongile Nene based in Toronto, Canada was called, chosen, and sent by The Most High to awaken us to our true identity as South African Royals.

We are the descendants of the Royal King, Shaka Zulu and the Royal Chief Makhanda. Our Royal King Grandfather was described as being spiritually gifted and a military genius. Even though he was put in a Zulu troop, he was actually of the Khoisan people, what some call the bushmen. They sort of look Chinese. They have slanted eyes, high cheek bones and light skin. They have that Oriental look about them and they mostly live in the desserts of Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.  

Through clairvoyance, our King Grandfather was shown wearing the Royal leopard skins, but also someone who’s dressed as a fighter – a soldier. Our Royal Grandfather explained that we are strongly connected to the leopard skins of royalty and that is the animal protecting us and the royalty that we are connected to. Our Royal Grandfather has made himself clear and has made it known that we are to connect to the Homeland to reclaim our birthrights on our Mother’s line in South Africa which include both spiritual and material wealth. He said, ‘You must claim what the Universe has in store for you two.’

The South African Presidency was having none of that. The South African government has refused to honor the wishes of our King Grandfather. They have denied our family the right to return home for the repatriation that is required for our Ancestors and our Grandmother Magdeline Makhanda, née Phitsane who’s in exile with us here in the U.S. 

We have been fighting to return to the Homeland of South Africa with honor and dignity. We had expectations that the South African government would treat us with respect, that they would be civil and mindful of their own Royals, but because we are African-American they have been anything but considerate. 

The ANC government may have us in exile at the moment, but the reality is that God’s word never falls null and void. I know the prophecy concerning my future and I know for sure that God has caused me to remember who I am.

HRM King Quinn Makhanda
HRH Prince Fabian Makhanda



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