Zulu Oracle Nene

Zulu Oracle Nene is sent here for a global necessity 

Sangoma Nene – Traditional Health Practitioner

Sibongile Nene is a Diviner of the Zulu tradition (Sangoma) of Southern Africa. A dreamer since birth, she is guided by ninth dimension ascended ancestors whose work is to free and purify earthbound ancestors unsettled from the pressure and conflict of migration and subjugation worldwide. Sibongile is founder of Sangoma African Spirituality Source, a private practice rooted in African indigenous knowledge services to the public as a spiritual source for African wisdom, spiritual apprenticeship, practitioner coaching and community ritual. She is one of a handful of Sangomas practicing in North America and the first in Canada. She is a Prayer technologist, an Oracle for the retrieval and re-viewing of Earth and Galactic historical archives using clairvoyance, Oracle for the Indigo Ray Spirit of Universal Truth and Justice for ancestral debt settlements. (www.sangoma.ca)


Sibongile Nene Speaks. Youtube.video/watch

#TheOracle: Meet my Spiritual Mother Sibongile Nene who sacrificed for the nation @AP https://t.co/eTuLs0pvcw #AP #Africa




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