The Way I Feel Sexual

Don’t make this one-dimensional. 

When an electric sexually-erotic Aquarius from Latin America met this watery sexually-erotic Pisces, the chemistry was electro-magnetic. The electric currents and sexual excitement between the two were felt as they stood next to each other. Pisces and Aquarius were different spirits but felt the same attraction just like when the people of Venus met the people of Atlantis. Sometimes you can’t control how you feel especially when you’re drawn to each other from different planets. Pisces made Aquarius sexually aroused with their outer body, so Aquarius made Pisces perpetually orgasm inside the body – nothing comparable to someone so spiritual.

Sex in the 9th dimension will blow your comprehension. Bi-curious not to mention.

When I laid there Aquarius took control and I was willing to let go. It was electric chills up and down my spine, this Aquarius spirit tongued my back from behind. When he applied pressure on my spine, his electricity penetrated deep in my mind. It was my electric erogenous zone that he did quickly find. Spontaneous, now I want it all the time. Tickling the core to my spiritual source, I’m taking in the energy, loving it of course. Body feeling sexual-spasms, Aqua-male giving me internal orgasms. There are lovers who make the mistake by making it one-dimensional. When my Aqua lover make makes love – it’s unconventional. Felt feelings that went beyond the physical. It’s the way I feel sexual – the ultimate, none-comparable.

The way I feel sexual

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